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The annals of Miami Beach begins in 1870, whenever Henry and Charles Lum landed on a stretch that is breathtaking of and hatched an idea to make the island into a coconut plantation. They paid $.25 an acre towards the government that is federal 165 acres of what is today known as South Beach (so called by Lum's daughter, Taylor). For anybody which are keeping track, that's $41.25 in 1870 for just what is today some of the most expensive property that is real the united states. The initial household on Miami Beach had been integrated 1886 by Charles Lum, whom oversaw the plantation from their own coastline that is personal. Perhaps the Lums were a touch too relaxed on the beach since they were fundamentally unsuccessful in their venture, and in 1894 the Lums left South Beach. The land was passed away to John Collins whom utilized the land once more as farmland. Collins additionally discovered water that is fresh, further increasing the potential for the land.